Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They Don't Have a Name for It vol. 12


so i've been off the line for about 6 weeks. call it a breakdown of the Syd Barret variety rather than one of the Earth Crisis variety. the pressure of the impeding Communion tour, the passing of the family dog and my grandmother, and lots of chicken bittles all contributed to me pulling out.. yeah ...disconnecting myself... yeah.

so i did just that. shut off the computer, wrote some insanity poems, listened to some Bone Awl, and read some Burroughs until it was time to go on the west coast Transient Communion tour.

the tour ended yesterday.

so i'm back to the surrealist art and hardcore pornography that has shaped my persona low these many years. I'm back on point... peanut butter and crack sandwich in hand, ready to complain about Lady Gaga and remakes once again.

"i'm going home...."