Wednesday, February 23, 2011

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! vol. 55

remember kids, when you have the extra large triple chocolate caramel coconut cream milkshake, don't forget to grasp those straws

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Michelle Obama For Not Looking Like An Ethiopian

Not that I'm Bitter or Anything vol. 11

split shift again. till closing last night. went in this morning. going back till closing. back in tomorrow morning. been sick for five days. brain is forked. been too quiet. hear from no one. everyone's ill. nobody has anything. dead time. all of us run down. the Music Choice Metal Channel is reserved for douchebags, scumholes, pissbuckets, and cumsacks. the new WOE album is excellent. the new VIRUS and NOISEAR too. need the SLOGUN. might be seeing Peter Sotos do a reading this coming Saturday. we'll see. been blowing off and blown off for much of the season. too cold. too bored. too sick. too tired. writing slowed down again. don't know if i hate the show Face/Off or not. blech. everyone says "Fuck My Life" now. trendy cunts. you ruin everything. fuck your life indeed.

We Are the Sprocket Holes vol. 182

i know i bitch endlessly about how vapid and idiotic big budget films have gotten, and Zack Snyder has been a frequent target for my bile... but damn my ass to fuck-all, this looks even more fun than it looks.

ladies and mens, i give you the Id of a 13 year old boy;

sure, it makes TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN look subtle and understated, but i kind of like that it's so shameless that it becomes almost earnest in its bombast. Just jailbait, nazis, machine guns, robots, nazi jailbait, robot nazis, dragons, machine guns, robot dragons, swords, nazi dragons, gasmask zombies, machine guns, sword wielding nazi jailbait, robot dragons with machine guns. and i think there was a Samurai Golem with a Gatling Gun in there.


a good friend of mine made a solid point; it's no more ridiculous than the Sushi Typhoon titles that have saturated the Asian Cult Film market for low these 3 years... just Americanized and with a budget. seriously... if a major studio bankrolled Robo-Geisha, it would look like Sucker Punch.

oh yeah and this;

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a Funny World We Live In vol. 8 / Song for the Week of 02/20/11

Hollie Beston, God-Awful Human, Sentenced to 29 Years in Prison for Videotaping Obese Husband Raping 4-Year-Old Daughter

It took eight months longer than it took to send her estranged husband Brian Beston to prison for 26 years to life, but Hollie Beston is now headed to the clink too, and for at least three years longer than her scumbag hubby.

The crime: She repeatedly videotaped her six-foot, 360-pound husband raping their 4-year-old daughter and sent the videos to another perv online.

As The Seattle Times reports today, Beston was handed her sentence by King County Superior Court Judge Mariane Spearman, which will guarantee she does at least 29 years, after which it will be up to state justice authorities as to whether she'll be released or forced to stay longer.

Hollie Beston
The crime originally came to light when one Richard Hockaday, a child molester who was facing his own 42 years for abusing a boy, turned in the Bestons after they began communicating on the web about all the terrible shit they like to do to kids.

So for more than three months Hockaday and the Bestons traded child porn.

brian beston01.jpg
Brian Beston
At one point, Hockaday e-mailed the couple saying he didn't believe they were actually raping the child. So to prove him wrong, Brian held up a sheet of paper with a current date on it to show that he was committing the crime in real time.

If all the other evidence didn't seal that case, that certainly did.

Now, Hollie, a woman who described herself on her MySpace page (since removed) as a "proud parent" and a "mommy," will find herself in a new role as fresh prison fish.

Passing by
Rose and emeralds
In silence I
Stand alone

And out of you
Grey birds fly
The gravel path
You qualified
Pretended to
Favor few
The walls are fine (?)
In hollow time

The shape I'm in
Oh she knows so well
My hearts become
Her sinking belle

The sinking belle
Oh the sinking belle
I'm worried now
You're worried now

The sinking belle
Oh the sinking belle
You're worried now
You're worried now

We're smaller than
We used to be
What came from you
Is now inside of me

Don't ask me why
Oh, don't ask me why
All my life,
All my life
Wear in black and white

The sinking belle
Oh the sinking belle
I'm worried now
You're worried now

The sinking belle
The sinking belle
I'm worried now
You're worried now

The sinking belle
h the sinking belle
You're worried now

Monday, February 21, 2011

Awww Yeah vol. 17

New Trailer For Hong Kong's 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY

by Todd Brown, February 21, 2011 2:57 PM

A new trailer for Stephen Siu's upcoming Hong Kong bit of naughtiness 3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. And while the film very much is what you think it is - enough so that Siu had to hire Japanese AV starlets Saori Hara and Yukiko Suho for the female leads - it's also a good bit more than that, with a playful bit of action layered in as well.

The initial full trailer played up the sex end of things - the uncensored version of that trailer is here - while this new one opts for something saucy but entirely safe for general viewing, indulging in goofy 3D effects rather than in adult pleasures. And from the looks of things the use of 3D is going to be every bit as exploitative as the use of flesh.

Check the new trailer below.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Umm... wait... wha.... huh? vol. 3

i just woke from a fever dream involving a four hundred pound snow dog acting like a puppy, sitting across from the Golden Girls at a pep rally only to be called a pedophile by Estelle Getty, someone screaming at me in Morse code while wearing a mask of Balloon Hitler as i look through a key hole into a red room where a bondage session involving a naked man hanging by his wrists is having his arms sucked by a woman whose mouth is spread open with hooks, revealing all of her teeth had been replaced with leeches... and this is still the most what-the-fucking-fuck thing i've seen all day;

Sorcery, Gay Midget Sex And An Undead Michael Jackson. Is The World Ready For THE RETURN OF THE MOONWALKER?

by Todd Brown, February 18, 2011 9:27 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a world of sorcery, circus performers, midget sex, an evil hunting priest and the resurrection of an undead Michael Jackson. This, my friends is The Return Of The Moonwalker, here to prove once again that the world is even stranger than we imagined it to be.

Yes, indeed, this is a real movie and you can check the trailer below.

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 181

The film centers on the last days in the life of its title character. Together with his loved ones – including the ghost of his dead wife and his lost son who has returned in a non-human form – Boonmee explores his past lives as he contemplates the reasons for his illness.[1]

In its review, Variety describes plot twists such as "apparitions, out-of-body experiences, [and] sex with a catfish...

Uncle Boonmee
Uploaded by ThePlaylist. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Angrilly Fornicate the Genesis of My Being vol. 1+2-2+3-2

so yeah... Grammys are tonight. i'm feeling slightly morose after a day of listening to THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION and getting lost in fantasies of diving off bridges with rocks tied to my ankles as to be buried in the fecal waters spurting from sewer manes. so of course that means tomorrow is Valentines Day.

in order to make myself feel a little less hang-myself-in-the-toilety, i've decided to do one of these play-by-play things. it's a good work out, and at the end of the night i'll be this in sound mind and body.

well at least Cee-Lo Green is getting a nod for his brilliant single, which could be the best thing to happen to pop music not involving the augmented tits of a barely natal bubblehead. beyond that and Janelle Monae, everything else looks to be business as usual ie. blowing ass for cock. oh and Lady Gaga's gonna ruin Butoh for everyone who isn't a sub-imaginative rectum spore. I can't wait.

oh and her new single sounds like this + this + this. to quote the Angry Aryans, it gives rainbows a bad name. i haven't seen a bigger offense committed against the homosexual community since Cruising. I like how people think this is some sort of gay pride thing when really the only people who will like this track are the annoying fag-hags real gay men probably want to kill. so gay or straight... all men wanna kill all women.

did you see my post about Anne Frank's clitoris? it's the post before this. you should read it. hot stuff comin' through.

i haven't heard this boring Moby/Gwen Stefani song in like ten years, and in the last 24 hrs i've heard three times, and one of those was a karaoke rendition. i wanna headbutt wormholes. i also went to a strip club. on Long Island. at Last Call. somethings aren't good or bad, they just are.

less than 25 minutes to go. i'm not watching Red Carpet coverage because it's for assholes. Anderson Cooper is talking to Lady Gaga. suddenly 2 weeks ago in Egypt doesn't seem so bad for this dude, eh? this spoiled guinea has been sent to destroy everything we find interesting. "a performance artist". "a true academic of music". how exactly is wearing a dress made of raw meat a commentary on "Don't Ask Don't Tell'? now she's stealing Divine's (a REAL icon with ACTUAL TALENT) make-up. what an asshole. bet she'll steal this next.

10 minutes to go. Justin Bieber has a movie out? and you thought A Serbian Film went to far.

nevermind. fuck this bullshit.

Awwww Yeah (?) vol. 16

The expurgation of the clitoris in the diary of Anne Frank

“…Until I was eleven or twelve, I didn’t realize there was a second set of labia on the inside, since you couldn’t see them. What’s even funnier is that I thought urine came out of the clitoris…When you’re standing up, all you see from the front is hair. Between your legs there are two soft, cushiony things, also covered with hair, which press together when you’re standing, so you can’t see what’s inside. They separate when you sit down and they’re very red and quite fleshy on the inside. In the upper part, between the outer labia, there’s a fold of skin that, on second thought, looks like a kind of blister. That’s the clitoris…”

Monday, February 7, 2011

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 180

BEAST’S FLASHBACK: Re-visiting the Un-visited, SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY (1999)

so yeah, this is the first of what will be a monthly collumn i'll be writing for i'll be writing about movies you don't know/care about, but as KICKBACK says; "This is for us / this is not for you".

enjoy... or don't.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! vol. 54

"the Rainbow of Rape"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011